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An online loan in Germany or loans over the internet in Germany is an ordinary loan with one difference. The difference is that when you take out an online loan, you don't have to go to the bank in person. Do everything online from the comfort of your home. Determine the desired loan amount, fill out a short online application, submit it, and wait for the offer.
Without any obligation!
We have prepared several Options for you

You never have to accept an offer, and if the offer is not satisfactory, simply reject it. So fill out the application and see the offers of our partners.

Personal loans in Germany

In Netkredit24 you can find a suitable loan between 1.000 and 250.000 euros. All you have to do is fill out a short form on the website with your contact information, the loan amount you want and the repayment period.
All kinds of credits
It always provides the best interest rate
Affordable loan to buy real estate
Loans from 1000 - 250000 euros
Repayment period from 1 to 10 years
Installment loans without Schufa are also possible
You always decide 100% yourself
If your offer does not suit you, simply discard it.


After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a preliminary assessment of whether your loan application will be accepted or not.

Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties without your consent. 

This consent will be obtained after you have chosen the loan option that suits you best.

online loan in germany
 An option for all types of loans, including those with bad credit (credit card problems, low monthly income...).
The biggest option for getting a loan
When the bank says no, there is still a chance to get a loan
Decision on the loan in just a few seconds
Loans for students, for those on trial, as well as for temporary workers
Loans from 1000 - 50000 euros
Repayment period of 12 - 84 months
Offer is not required and can be discarded
If your offer does not suit you, simply discard it.
loan comparison portal in germany
Taking out a loan in Germany has never been easier. Loans in Germany represent the German online loan comparison portal.
A wide range of credit bidding
Within a second, the most advantageous loan
First and fully automatic instant credit
Suitable for all groups of people, as well as for any purpose eg auto loan
Credit in Germany for the self-employed and small businesses
Choose a loan that suits your needs
 Without any obligation fill out the application and quickly find out which offers are.
Credit in Germany
Get an online loan in just 3 steps
how to get a loan in germany
Step 1 Fill out the application


Choose the amount that suits you, and the number of people you need to return that amount. Complete your application by entering your details as required by your application.
online loans abroad

2. step waiting for documents and signing


After you submit your application, you are waiting for the reply. For 30 seconds you get the answer whether you are eligible for the loan you are looking for. If the answer is good, they will send you the documents to sign them and return them back. In some cases, just send you the documents. This section differs from bank to bank.
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3. step indentification
This step is also the last one. It is done in two ways of your choice, the so-called. POSTIDENT. One way is to go to the post, and another to the video. After that, you return the paper back and the money is in your account within a few business days.
Identification in 2 mode
how to get a loan in germany
1. Postident video Chat


You will find all the information about this on the loan website you are taking, but a brief explanation. For this identification you need a passport or ID card, and a camera and microphone (you have everything on your mobile phone or laptop). You will make a video call where you will keep the identification document next to your head so that the operator can identify you. This process takes 2-4 minutes. Very easy and fast from the comfort of your home.
online loans abroad
2. postident by going to the post office


Very simple and fast process. Required passport or identity card. Go to the nearest post and ask POSTIDENT. Submit the coupon you received with the documents (from the loan) that you should sign. Once the employee identifies you with the indentifying document, you are all sent back together.

Online credit in Germany: Good to know


Do you need an online loan in Germany? Don't like going to the bank and asking for a loan? Do not worry. With the world changing at a fast pace, online services are expanding faster and more than ever. Now you can get timely online loans from the comfort of your home. So, if you are wondering what is an online loan in Germany, read this article to the end.

Here you will get details about such loans.

What is Online Credit in Germany?

An online loan in Germany or an online loan in Germany is a loan that you get online. An online loan is taken from a creditor that operates online. Sometimes the process of borrowing such loans may differ from one lender to another.

In the case of these loans, traditional banks have no role to play. You can complete the entire process from the comfort of your home, from pre-qualification to final loan financing, even without visiting a bank.

online loan abroad

Types of Online Credit in Germany 

There are five types of online loans in Germany:

  1. personal loan with a fixed monthly installment,
  2. fast so-called instant loans,
  3. real estate loans (purchase of a house, apartment (),
  4. loans for movables so-called car loans,
  5. variable rate installment loans.


Online Credit in Germany and Its Purpose:

The purpose of the loan in Germany is very important, because in most cases the amount of interest you will receive depends on it. For example, when you buy a car, you get particularly low interest rates on car loans.

Online credit in Germany is divided into several types according to its purpose of use. We will list some of them:

  1. Personal or non-purpose loan in Germany,
  2. Car loan in Germany,
  3. Business loan in Germany,
  4. Loan for apartment renovation,
  5. Construction loan in Germany.

Online Personal Credit in Germany (Non-purpose Credit)

An online personal loan in Germany is an amount of money that you can borrow and spend on a number of things. For example, you can use a personal loan in Germany to pay off debt, finance home improvements or finance your ideal wedding.

Banks, credit unions and online lenders provide personal loans in Germany. You have to pay back the borrowed funds over time, usually with interest. In addition, certain lenders may charge personal loan fees in Germany.

Personal loans in Germany are divided into two types:

Secured loan

You can get secured or unsecured personal loans. Any personal loan in Germany that includes a collateral requirement is called a secured loan.

For example, you can use a physical asset like a car or boat to get a personal loan instead of cash like a savings account or certificate of deposit. The lender could keep the collateral as payment of the debt if you are in default on the loan.

Unsecured Credit

With an unsecured personal loan, there is no need for collateral. Both secured and unsecured personal loans can be made to eligible customers by banks, credit unions and online lenders.

Since there is no collateral that can be collected, banks usually consider the latter to be riskier than the former. This may result in increased interest costs.

Online Auto Credit in Germany

A customer borrows money to pay for a car with a car loan in Germany, sometimes called a vehicle loan or car loan. A loan is often an amount of money given to a person, company or other organization. The person who lends money is called the lender, and the person who lends it is called the borrower.

When taking out a loan (loan), the borrower undertakes to repay it in full by the due date, mostly in monthly payments, together with interest (a percentage of the loan amount, which is usually calculated on an annual basis).

Most of the rules and procedures governing other loans in Germany also apply to car loans in Germany. In most cases, a borrower will specifically apply for a vehicle loan when they want to buy a car; however, the consumer can use a personal loan, which, as we already know, is a loan that an individual gets to use however he sees fit, for the same purpose.

Although certain car loans can be for longer terms, they all have defined terms that range from 24 to 60 months. The total loan amount is increased by a number of fees and taxes that are often included in car loans.

You can read more about car loans here.

online car loan in germany

Business Loan in Germany

Business loans are agreements between business owners and banks or private lenders to borrow money. Businesses need cash to support their business or just to get started and make a profit. Banks and lenders are happy to lend them money in advance as long as they pay it back on time and with interest.

Several criteria affect whether companies and start-up entrepreneurs can use credit in Germany as debt capital or not. The credit quality of the company is the most important factor, but other factors such as the length of business, the collateral it can offer and the current financial condition can make a difference.

If the company is unable to repay the loan to the lender, several things can happen. The company could use more debt financing to generate the cash needed to repay the loan. If the lender had property as collateral for the loan, the lender could demand that property as payment.

If the company can't meet its obligations or generate more cash, it could be forced to declare bankruptcy and liquidate all of its assets, in which case the lenders would be paid before any of the company's shareholders. Read more at Business loans in Germany.

A loan in Germany for the renovation of an apartment, house...

A home improvement loan is based on one key factor: the value of the home after the renovation. Renovation loans estimate how much a homeowner can borrow based on the home's expected value after renovations, not the home's current value. This gives homeowners credit for the increase in home value caused by the proposed improvement.

It's easy to get this phrase confused, because some of the products marketed as "home improvement loans" are actually rebranded as the unsecured personal loans we talked about earlier, or credit cards that aren't ideal for most projects because of their high interest rates, shorter terms, and limited loan amount. These widely available “home improvement loans” are not remodeling loans.

Renovation loans are the only form of loan that allows homeowners to borrow against the future value of their home. Since lenders often calculate rates based on loan-to-value ratios, using post-renovation values ​​also helps you get the best possible rate.

Construction Loan in Germany

A construction loan in Germany provides the funds needed to complete the construction of a home, but the borrower is responsible for either paying off the loan in full when it comes due (usually a year or less) or acquiring a mortgage to secure permanent financing.

These construction loans release cash depending on the percentage of the project completed, and the borrower is only responsible for paying interest on the borrowed money.

Construction loans in Germany can be more expensive in the long run if you need a permanent mortgage since you have to complete two different loan procedures and pay two sets of fees. Closing costs can run into the hundreds of dollars, so it's best to avoid another roundup.

Another factor to consider is that your financial status may deteriorate during the construction process. If you lose your job or suffer another setback, you may not be able to qualify for a mortgage in the future – so you may not be able to move into your new home.

non-purpose loan in germany

How to Apply for Online Credit in Germany?

How to apply for a loan online? Applying for a loan today is easy; follow a few simple steps and the money can be in your account in just 2-3 days. In some cases even faster.

Step 1: Determine which loan is right for you.

Don’t be fooled by promises of the lowest interest rate or the simplest repayment terms. Examine thoroughly, review interest rates and pay attention to small print (small print). Knowing the terms of the loan could help you make the best decision for you. All the necessary information is available on the Internet.

Examine the lender's numerous fees. Processing fees, service taxes, penalties for late payment and other fees are associated with almost all forms of credit.

Step 2: You can use a variety of online loan calculators for informed selection.

The EMI Network Calculator will help you understand how much you will have to pay each month, how long you will have to repay and how much money you will have to repay. It can also help you understand whether you are eligible for a certain loan amount depending on your monthly earnings or financial situation.

3. step: Collect all your documentation.

In addition to the loan application form, you will need to submit several other papers to complete


Step 4: Fill out the application form

  • Visit the lender's website to find out more.
  • Go to the page for the loan you are looking for.
  • Select "Fill in the application now" from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in important personal information, such as full name, date of birth, and contact information.
  • Fill out the application form and submit it.


Step 5: Get a loan in Germany immediately

You may have to wait from a few seconds to a few minutes for the lender's response, thanks to improvements in online loan technology in Germany.

The loan amount will be issued within 2-3 days, (in some cases much faster) from the completion of the verification and your notification that the loan has been approved.

If you want to learn more about online loans in Germany or loans in general you can do so on our site Good To Know.


Documents for Credit for Employees in Germany 

In most cases, when it comes to a smaller amount of online credit, the following is required:

  • copy of 3 last payroll,
  • bank statement of the last 4 -5 weeks,
  • a copy of the employment contract.

These are some of the basic documents you need to submit. Depending on the purpose of the loan and the bank, you will need to submit some more documents. A list of the exact documents you need to submit will be sent to you by the bank after you complete the loan application.

Conditions for Credit for Employees in Germany 

In principle, every private customer and every company can get a bank loan. However, some requirements must be met:

  • You must be of legal age;
  • You must have good credit;
  • You have an employment contract for an indefinite period of time and regular monthly income, and you can prove this with the associated pay slips;
  • Some banks require a German main residence and a German current account.

If you are interested in loans in other European countries, you can visit


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loan terms in germany

Terms of credit in Germany

There may be many reasons for taking loans in Germany. Maybe you need to buy a house, maybe a car or you need some money to start your business idea. All that sounds good, but for that you need to know a few things about the credits.
which is schufa in germany

What is Schufa?

Schufa or a credit investigation company that estimates creditworthinessIt is about the creditworthiness of potential buyers to protect themselves from credit failures. Ime SCHUFA is derived from the phrase “Schutzgemeinschaft für Absatzfinanzierung” (Protective Association for Financing Sales), founded in 1927.
credit cards in germany

Credit or Prepaid card?

There are several types of cards in the German market. We'll mention some of them. Revolving credit card is a card with an approved personal spending limit that represents a revolving credit, or "self-generating". The client according to his wishes decides on the amount of loan he will use, on how and on how to repay the loan.
p2p loan in germany

P2P loans in Germany

Peer-to-peer lending is the practice of matching borrowers and lenders through online platforms. Borrowers can often access funds quickly and usually at lower interest rates than those offered by their local banks, making it an attractive loan alternative for banks.