Online loans


Online loans or loans over the internet are normal loans with one difference. The difference is that when you take an online loan you do not have to go to the bank personally. Everything is done over the Internet from the comfort of your home. Determine the amount of loan you want, fill out a short online application, submit it, and wait for the offer.
Without any obligation!

You never have to accept an offer, so if the offer you get is not satisfactory, simply dismiss it and it will cost you nothing.


We have prepared for you several offers

For bad credit ability

P2P option

The best option for those with poor credit capabilities (Schufa problems, low monthly income ...).


When the bank says no, there is still a chance to get a loan

Decision on the loan in just a few seconds

Loans for students, for those on trial, as well as for temporary workers.

Loans from 1000 - 50000 euros

Repayment period of 12 to 84 months

Offer is not obligated and can be discarded

Don't think too much and fill out the request

If your offer does not suth you, simply dismiss it.

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Loans without Schufa

Bon Kredit: Kreditantrag stellen

If other banks say no, Bon Kredit says yes!

45 years of experience and over 100,000 paid loans.


All types of loans for free use

Instant loan despite negative Schufa

Loans without entry into Schufa

Loans up to 100,000 euros

If you want a loan, regardless of good or bad creditability, you are in the right place.

Fill out an application that does not cost you anything and see what your Bon Kredit offers you.

If your offer does not suit you, simply dismiss it.


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For all other online loans


Taking loan in Germany has never been easier. Loans in Germany represent a German online comparison tool.


A wide range of credit offers

Within a second, the most favorable loan

First and fully automatic instant credit

Suitable for all groups of people, as well as for any purpose eg auto loan

Loans for self-employed and small businesses

Choose a loan that suits your needs

  Without any obligation fill out the application and quickly find out which offers they give you.

Fill out the request here!

Taking online loans in just 3 steps

Step 1 fill out the application

Choose the amount of money that suits you, and the number of months you need to return that amount. Complete your application by entering your details as required by your application.

Step 2 waiting for documents and signing

After you submit your application, you are waiting for the reply. In 30 seconds you get the answer whether you are eligible for the loan that you are looking for. If the answer suits you, they will send you the documents to sign them and return them back. In some cases, just send you the documents. This section differs from bank to bank.

Step 3 Identification

This step is also the last one. It is done in two ways of your choice, the so-called POSTIDENT. One way is to go to the post, and another thro the video chat. After that, you return the paperback and the money is in your account within a few business days.

Two-way indentification

POSTIDENT via video chat

On the every loan website you will find all the information on this, but a brief explanation. For this identification, you need a passport or ID card, a camera and a microphone (that all you have on a mobile phone or laptop). You will be making a video call where you will keep your identification document next to your head so that the operator can identify you. This process takes 2-4 minutes. Very simple and fast from the comfort of your home.

POSTIDENT via going to post office

Very simple and fast process. Required passport or ID card. Go to the nearest post office and ask POSTIDENT. Submit the coupon that you received with the documents (from the loan) that you should sign. Once the employee identifies you with thro your identifying document, you are all sent back together.