Credit card Mastercard

Mastercard Gold
You've moved to Germany, rented an apartment, you need money, and your bank does not allow it.

If you living in Germany you have a great chance of getting this credit card and the approved limit.

This credit card is free and the registration for this credit card does not cost anything.

No hidden costs like, for example, when taking some cards (you must pay to take credit card or cancel a credit card, etc.)

Revoking this  credit card is also free of charge, so there is no reason not to try your Mastercard Gold

Up to 10,000 euro limit.

5% discount when renting a car.

This is a great opportunity to improve your bank account, so do not wait and order your Mastercard Gold.


You never have to accept an offer, and if our offer is not satisfactory, simply dismiss it. So fill out the application and see our offer.

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The benefits of this credit card
  • No external service charge (worldwide);

  • There is no cash raise fee;

  • No replacement card charge, replacement PIN or block card;

  • Unlimited payment deadline for purchase up to 7 weeks;

  • Free and personal service to users throughout the day, seven days a week;

  • Access to up to 35 million places of acceptance and 1.7 million ATMs worldwide;

  • Free and comprehensive travel insurance;

  • Without POSTIDENT (identifications).

Application process
  • Click on the sign "Fill Application!";

  • Fill in your details and submit your application without any obligation;

  • Within 2 - 3 days, after checking your credit rating, and accordingly we send you our offer (the offer you get is not mandatory);

  • For the offer you get, it is not necessary to identify and for that, the process is quicker and simpler;

  • You sign the offer and send it back;

  • A week after you have your credit card with an approved limit.

Card fees Prices
Annual fee (permanently) Free
Foreign transaction fee (worldwide) Free
Cash Withdrawal Fee worldwide at the counter / ATM Free
Card mailing Free
Card lock Free
Emergency replacement card Free
Replacement card Free
Replacement PIN (Personal Identification Number) Free
Duplicate invoice Free
Address Search Free
Billing (Porto) Free
Credit interest rates/costs Free
Debit interest on your purchases (payment of the total amount at maturity within 7 weeks) 0%
Monthly interest for balance (19.94% pa effective interest rate (variable and credit ratings) 1.53%
Nominal Borrowing rate for cash withdrawals per month (23.70% pa effective interest rate) 1.79%
Exceeded the credit limit on the date the monthly statement by more than 3% but at least 50, – € 3€